In the Water

Did you know when you head out to go boating, fishing, or swimming there are many things in the water. Some might be dangerous, but most are just amazing and interesting.

Fun Facts

Turn hot water to instant snow
What do you get when you throw boiling water into the air in subzero weather? Instant snow. Interestingly, it only works with boiling hot water. more info

Scorpion Venom

How do Ice Spikes Form?
Ice spikes are, well, spikes that grow out of ice cube trays. They look like stalagmites found in caves, and you can make 'em yourself using distilled water. more info

Interesting Plants

Water Lily

Water Lily
"Water lilies offer a floating mat of foliage crowned with resplendent blooms that open every morning, then close for the afternoon"

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The family of duckweeds are the smallest flowering plants.  These plants grow floating in still or slow-moving fresh water around the globe, except in the coldest regions.

The growth of these high-protein plants can be extremely rapid. more info


Always be extremely careful diving into water, especially if the depth is unknown.

Do not drink the water from lakes or rivers!

Don't forget sunscreen.  Reapply frequently, especially if you are getting wet!

Remember to enjoy the outdoors responsibly!  When you follow Leave No Trace principles, you ensure that everything is just as beautiful for the next person – and the next generation!
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