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Yucca Night Lizard
Scorpion VenomDuring the day, this lizard may be found under fallen debris of desert plants and in rock crevices. more info




Scorpion Venom Tested as Cancer Cure
Scorpion VenomA protein found in scorpion venom could lead to a breakthrough brain cancer treatment. more info

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Yucca flower from the middle of summer through autumn, when they carry white flowers. Some common names for the Yucca plant include Soapweed, Spanish Dagger, Spanish Bayonet and Adam's needle. more info


Now considered a weed, pigweed was once an important food source for Native Americans in New Mexico. more info


Use gloves to protect your hands.

Don't reach under rocks without inspecting what's underneath first. Using a stick or tool to lift rocks or uncover plants makes the most sense.

Scorpions and snakes are not only under rocks, but many times they hide under debris, like fallen branches, foliage, cans, etc.

Remember that rocks and plants are many of these creature's homes, so be careful to leave their home like you found it.

Remember to enjoy the outdoors responsibly!  When you follow Leave No Trace principles, you ensure that everything is just as beautiful for the next person – and the next generation!
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