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“Elephants can swim as many as 20 miles a day — they use their trunks as natural snorkels!”

“It really is true that you shouldn't swim for about an hour after eating. This is primarily because your body is digesting your food and you may get a cramp during the time right after you eat. Allow your body to rest after eating and then go into the water.” 

“Swimming started in the 1st century.” 

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Swimming is an important skill to learn and it’s a lot of fun!  One of the best things about swimming is that there are many ways to do it – splashing with friends, swimming laps, playing games…the possibilities are endless!  Whether you’re just enjoying a cool dip with a friend in the summer, or training for the swim team, you’re sure to have a blast.

Gear Up!

Gear Up!

All you need to go swimming is water!  You can search online for the nearest public pool and ask your parents to take you, or perhaps your school or gym has one.

Dress Cool

What to Wear

Grab your swimsuit and a towel and you’re ready to go!  Some people also like to wear a swim cap, a nose plug, or swim goggles.  And ladies – if you have long hair you’ll probably want to use a hair tie!

You Might See...

You Might See…

Depending on where you go swimming, you will see different things.  Lucky enough to go to the beach?  Be sure to look out for neat shells and beautiful rocks!  Swimming at the local pool?  Grab your goggles and see what you can find at the bottom of the pool!  Did someone drop a penny or a hairpin?   


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