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“For the first time in Olympic history, snowboarding became an official Olympic event for both men and women at Nagano in 1998. There are two snowboarding competitions in the Olympics — a halfpipe and the giant slalom. The U.S. took three gold medals home in 2006: Shaun White in men's halfpipe, Hannah Teter in women's halfpipe, and Seth Wescott in men's snowboard cross. Read More

“Snowboarding was first invented by Sherman Poppen in the year 1965.”

“Snowboarding helped spark a revolution in the ski industry by inspiring ski manufacturers to make shorter, more maneuverable Skis with deeper sidecuts.” Read More


Snow BoardingSnow BoardingSnow BoardingSnow Boarding

What to Expect

What to Expect

Snowboarding is an exciting and challenging sport that really gets your adrenaline going!  Since your legs are together on one board, there are endless possibilities for tricks and stunts – once you’re ready

Gear Up!

Gear Up!

Snowboarding can be surprisingly affordable, especially when you attend on family days or with other special deals.  The gear you need is a snowboard and snowboard boots – and you’re good to go!

Dress Cool

What to Wear

Dressing properly is the most important part of snowboarding!  You need a warm, water resistant coat and snowboard pants, thick socks, a warm hat, water resistant gloves and proper eye protection.  What you might not also realize is that sunscreen is incredibly important!  Even though it’s cold, you can quickly get a sunburn thanks to the sunlight reflecting off of the bright white snow – so be sure to put sunscreen on any exposed skin!

You Might See...

You Might See…

One of the most exciting parts of snowboarding is being out there on the snow with other boarders!  From beginners to masters, everyone is out there having fun – you might get some ideas for new moves to try!


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