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Here are some great resources to get started with taking your students…or your kids…outdoors!

Let’s Visit

Field Trips

Oliver Lee State Park DOC | PDF

Asombro Institute for Science Education DOC | PDF

White Sands DOC | PDF

Solar DOC | PDF

Prehistoric Track ways DOC | PDF

Class Presentations

Asombro Institute for Science Education DOC I PDF

Smokey Bear Classroom Visits DOC | PDF

Woodsy Owl Classroom Visits DOC | PDF

Park Ranger (from Prehistoric Track ways) DOC | PDF

Teacher Workshops

Project Learning Tree Educator Workshops DOC | PDF

Project WILD Educator Workshops DOC | PDF

Project WET Educator Workshops DOC | PDF

Helpful Websites

The Big Outside- BLOG

The Big highlights ten tips for raising outdoor loving kids. Taking little ones on an outdoor adventure is a beginning to increasing happy, healthy and exciting experiences.

Discovery Education - Explore the Blue

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between. 

Explore the Blue has a list of different activities to get kids involved with nature. It also provides lesson plans and online games that encompass nature which teachers can use in the classroom.
These interactive games are meant to educate kids about boating, fishing, and conservation. 
The above link provides educational videos, lesson plans, and interactive games. This website has resources for grades K-8 in health/physical education, language arts, math, social studies, and science. All of which have to do with boating, fishing, and conservation.
The above link has many ideas for families to do that incorporate learning about boating, fishing, and conservation. 

Nature Rocks

The Nature Conservancy's Nature Rocks program aims to inspire and empower families to play and explore in nature. Our mission is to make it easy for you to have fun in nature, and connect with others to do the same. We want all families to see for themselves how much Nature Rocks. Your kids will be happier, healthier and smarter, and besides, it is generally free and a rockin’ way to create and share fun quality family time.
The above link takes you to an activities calculator that offers ideas for outdoor fun that is fitting for the amount of time you have, your location, and is appropriate for the age of the kids.
In the “Extras” tab of the website, it offers information needed for games, treasure hunts, journals, geocacheing and much more!


Apps and Mobile Resource

Project Noah

Project Noah was created to provide people of all ages with a simple, easy-to-use way to share their experiences with wildlife. By encouraging your students to share their observations and contribute to Project Noah missions, you not only help students to reconnect with nature, you provide them with real opportunities to make a difference.

Opal Bugs Count Mobile Phone App

Opal Bugs aims to create and inspire a new generation of nature-lovers by getting people to explore, study, enjoy and protect their local environment.



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