Osha Trail

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Looking for a nice, short hike that’s not too hard and close to town? The Osha Trail is for you! Named for the Osha plant which grows along its path. It is lo-cated at 8,600’ and its proximity to Cloudcroft and its 2.1 mile length makes it attractive and popular throughout the year. A number of vistas (views) along with benches to rest are available at various points on the trail.
The main trailhead is located just west of Cloudcroft at the junction of US82 and Muchachita street just down the road from the Mexican Canyon Trestle Vista. Parking is available at this site.
Open all year, the trail is most heavily used in the summer and fall. Cross-country skiers and snowsho-ers can enjoy the trail after heavy snows. Hikers, pets and pack animals only are allowed.
There are no water sources or restrooms. Be sure to PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN to leave your public lands better than found them.
The Osha plant with its delicate white flowers
Osha Trail (T10)
The trail an easy to moderate hike due to its elevation of above 8,500’. Be sure to stop and rest if you are feeling lightheaded or nauseous; carry at least 1 quart of water, a snack and an extra jacket and please keep your pets leashed.
As always, let someone know before you go.


The Osha Trail offers stunning views of the Tularosa Basin which includes White Sands National Monu-ment. The vegetation of the area is made up of an almost endless variety of green trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers.
This is a non-motorized trail excellent for the whole family to enjoy.
Please call or visit the Sacramento Ranger District in Cloudcroft at (575) 682-2551 for more information.


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