Grandview Trail Complex

United States Forest Service
Department of Lincoln National Forest
Agriculture Sacramento Ranger District
There are 3 trails totaling 4.5 miles of hiking opportunities ranging in elevation from 5,500’ to 6,400’. All are rated as easy.
As always, let someone know before you go.
Grandview Trail ComplexHistory
The railroad arrived in Cloudcroft in 1899 and stayed in operation until WWII being finally dismantled in 1947. The Mexican Canyon Trestle is the largest trestle con-structed and still stands today but trestles such as Salado Canyon (see below) are scattered throughout its original path.
All three trails were originally the path of the Cloud-climbing Railroad which made its way up nearly 5,000’ from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft from 1899-1947. Bridal Veil Falls was a spot the train stopped for passengers to cool themselves in the mist of the waterfall pouring into Salado Canyon.
The remnants of the Salado Canyon Trestle, restored and reinforced, now a hiking bridge.
Please call or visit the Sacramento Ranger District in Cloudcroft at (575) 682-2551 for more information.
Located approximately 1 mile NW of the Village of High Rolls along Forest Road 162C, the Grandview (T130), Bridal Veil Falls (T129) and Salado Canyon Trestle (T128) Trails are part of the old Cloud-Climbing Railroad route.
The area is open year-round to pedestrian traffic and is particularly nice to hike in the cooler months during the fall, winter and early spring. The Fresnal Canyon stream usually trickles with water year-round in the area.


From US82, turn north onto FR162C, near both the con-venience store and the US Post Office in High Rolls, From there continue north and west on the same road. Two trailheads can be found along the way.
Partnering with NM Rails to Trails
These trails were developed and maintained through a unique public and private partnership between the NM Rails-to-Trails Association (NMRTA) and the U.S. Forest Service. NMRTA is a private, non-profit organization composed of volunteers who convert abandoned railroads into trails for public enjoyment.
Grandview Trail Complex

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