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Camping has been a recreational sport for over 140 years. However, the roots of camping go back hundreds of years. It can be traced back to Native Americans, the first settlers of the United States.

There are a few types of camping. Tent camping is one of the most common, while RV camping follows close behind. There is also cabin and camper camping.

“If you like to sit outside eating bananas in your favorite blue shirt, you're about to become a mosquito's best friend. They're twice as attracted to blue than any other color and appear to love people who've just eaten bananas.”  Source: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 2001 Summer In America



What to Expect

What to Expect

Camping is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to go on a vacation!  Whether you camp out right in your own backyard or head to the nearest campground, you’re sure to have lots of fun.

Gear Up!

Gear Up!

Before you go camping, be sure you’ve done your research on what to bring.  Some of your camping essentials will include a tent, a sleeping bag, a mattress pad, a tent, flashlights, toilet paper, sunscreen, bug spray, FOOD, water…and much more!  It also helps to go online and print out a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! 

Dress Cool

What to Wear

The most important rule when packing for camping is to bring lots of LAYERS.  In the summer, the days may be warm but the nights can still get quite cold.  Make sure you have clothes that layer well, and of course a warm jacket, lots of socks, hats (a warm hat and a baseball cap), and gloves.  Your shoes are critical as well – make sure you were comfortable, sturdy shoes, and bring extra pairs!

You Might See...

You Might See…

The possibilities are endless when you are camping!  Even in your own backyard, you’ll experience more than you realized was there.  Look around you – what bugs do you see?  What shapes are in the clouds?  Do you see any cool birds?  And of course, at night you get the best show – when the stars come out!  Maybe you can see a shooting star?


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