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Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX), an extreme style of bicycle track racing, became a sport in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Maris Strombergs, of Latvia, received the gold medal for Men’s BMX, and Anne-Caroline Chausson, from France, took home the gold in the first Women’s BMX Olympic event.

There are over a half billion bicycles in China. Bikes were first brought to China in the late 1800s.

Fred A. Birchmore, 25, circled the globe by bicycle in 1935. The entire trip, through Europe, Asia, and the United States, covered forty thousand miles.  He pedaled about 25,000 miles.  The rest was traveled by boat.  He wore out seven sets of tires.



What to Expect

What to Expect

Riding a bike is fun and gives you the freedom of having your own ride!  It’s a great way to get to school or head to a friend’s house…or just a relaxing way to wind down after a long day.  A bike is a vehicle though, so always remember to wear a helmet and follow all traffic laws!

Gear Up!

Gear Up!

You just need a bike and a helmet to get started (and elbow and knee pads are always recommended)!  Be sure your helmet fits properly, and that your bike is adjusted to your height.

Dress Cool

What to Wear

The most important item of clothing when you’re riding a bike is your shoes!  Make sure your shoes are secure on your foot, and that they have a good grip on the bottom so that you don’t lose your footing.  It’s always a good idea to wear pants when riding your bike, so you don’t get your legs dirty on the chain and just in case you fall.

You should also wear a hat or ball cap, and sunglasses, to keep the sun out of your eyes.  Sun protection is important any time you go outdoors – so be sure to wear sunscreen! 

You Might See...

You Might See…

One of the best things about riding a bike is that you can do it just about anywhere!  If you’re in the forest, you might see exciting wildlife and beautiful plants.  But you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to enjoy a scenic ride.  When you really open your eyes and look around you, your own neighborhood can be exciting and interesting! What kinds of birds do you see?  Have your neighbors planted any unique plants?  Do you see any interesting people?  Play games and see how many dogs you can count, or find the tallest tree.  The sky’s the limit!

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