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What is “Take It Outside, NM!”?

Engaging southern New Mexico communities, especially youth, with fun and educational outdoor experiences to promote healthy lifestyles and stewardship of our natural world.

A mounting body of research finds that when a child’s connection with the natural world is broken, they suffer physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Described as “nature deficit disorder,” by author Richard Louv, this set of symptoms results from children spending less time outdoors than ever before. Conversely, studies from around the globe illustrate that when we increase interactions with nature, we live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Specifically, the studies demonstrate that children who spend time outdoors:

  • Perform better academically
  • Play more creatively and have more active imaginations
  • Have lower stress levels
  • Become fitter and leaner
  • Experience fewer symptoms of ADD/ADHD
  • Develop stronger immune systems
  • Have greater respect for themselves, others, and the environment

Take It Outside, NM!, is a group of agencies, organizations, and individuals dedicated to connecting all people, especially children, to the fabulous outdoor world of southern New Mexico.  We work together, leveraging our resources to:
  • Share information
  • Increase opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Improve outdoor skills
  • Increase knowledge of our public lands
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of our youth

If you are interested in learning more about Take It Outside, NM! or would like to join with us to improve our world, please send an e-mail to Lincoln_General_Comments@fs.fed.us.  

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